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Fall Assessment

According to the CDC ≥800,000 people are hospitalized each year due to falls, with medical costs totally over $50 Billion.[1] It’s clear that preventing falls is critical, but there are so many reasons for why falls occur. How can caregivers perform the multi-dimensional assessment needed to identify potential impairments that lead to falls?

Our VR Fall Assessment use case does just that, providing caregivers a multi-modal snapshot of an individual’s functional status to hone-in on specific issues correlated with their risks for falls.

Comprehensive Assessment Toolkit

Understand individual concerns regarding falls during daily activities

Perform a standardized, multi-faceted vision assessment

Screen cognitive ability including reaction and processing time

Gauge motor limitations related to stability and gross movements

Easy-to-use. Autonomous. Actionable.

Our system is designed to be used on-demand without any setup or the need to consume valuable staffing resources. It provides a clear pathway for actionable next steps to provide a higher quality of care.

Self-guided, personalized assessment can be performed in <15 min

Autonomously gather, view, and print individual data reports

Use actionable data to identify high-risk individuals and potential impairments

Take measures to address problem areas in a goal-oriented fashion