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Kid Approved!

Just being in the hospital can create tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety for children and parents. This often consumes valuable staff time and resources.

Our VR Pediatrics use case allows kids to engage in an immersive, controlled escape to provide relief when they need it most. Our system can help address discomfort, stress, and fear providing utility throughout your facility.

  General Inpatient


  Emergency Department

  Hem-Onc / Palliative

Improve stress and mood with immersive, engaging experiences

Decrease reliance on opioid and anxiolytic medications

Improve patient and parent satisfaction throughout their stay

Great for Bedside Procedures!

Our VR Pediatrics can help distract patients with many bedside procedures in a way that won't inhibit your existing workflow! Reduce patient panic, reduce parental anxiety, and make your work easier!

  Blood draws

  IV placements

  Splint and cast applications

  Foreign body removal

 Dressing changes

  Much more!

Cycled or timed experiences to keep kids engaged as long as you need

Can be effortlessly implemented in multiple patient positions

Positional control to keep movements away from procedure site