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Pediatric Procedures

Medical procedures can be stressful for kids, parents, and caregivers alike. Patient anxiety creates a difficult experience for everyone: consuming facility and staff resources, decreasing throughput, and often leading to increased length of stay.

Our VR Peds Procedural use case transforms these encounters into enjoyable experiences for patients, allowing providers to better focus on the tasks at hand.

   Peripheral IV Placements



   Incision & Drainages

   Pre-operative Anxiety

   Splinting & Casting

   Wound & Burn Care

   Foreign Body Removal

Easy to use for both caregivers and kids - just put it on and go!

Decrease reliance on opioid and anxiolytic medications

Improve patient experience, pain, and anxiety before and during procedures

Cycled or timed experiences to keep kids engaged as long as you need

Can be effortlessly implemented in multiple patient positions

Positional control to keep movements away from procedure site