Fall Assessment

Falls are a major cause of injury, disability, and death for people ≥65 years old. Our fall assessment suite provides an easy-to-use tool to obtain actionable information of an individual’s functional impairments and elements of fall risk.

  • Assess: Personalized, self-guided, and multi-modal assessments can be performed in about 10 minutes
  • Analyze: The system autonomously gathers data and provides patient-specific reports to caregivers
  • Identify: Use data to quickly identify high-risk individuals for falls and potential impairments

Chronic Pain

The conscious perception of pain is a complex phenomenon. Treating chronic pain requires addressing the biological, psychological, and social aspects of an individual patient as a whole. Tackling chronic pain requires an integrative, multi-modal approach.

  • Addressing Co-morbidities: other chronic conditions like depression, anxiety, diabetes, and obesity all play a role in chronic pain
  • Addressing Life: social, lifestyle, and behavioral components give tools patient's need to the break the pain cycle and develop self-efficacy skills
  • Implementing a Plan: clinicians can create and modify personalized extended reality regimens based on an individual's specific life and clinical circumstances