Virtual & Extended Reality for Healthcare  |  Wellovate LLC

The Platform

Waya® is our propreitary next-generation VR/XR theragnostic platform that makes any healthcare team capable of both assessing and managing care with a level of efficiency and patient convenience that were not previously possible. Each of our use-case specific clinical solutions are enabled and enhanced by this unified technological infrastructure.

Whether your team delivers care in-person or remotely via telehealth, the Waya® platform allows you to expand patient reach, provide non-pharmacological therapeutics, remotely monitor patients, administer robust patient assessments, and equip providers with cutting edge tools.

Waya® delivers value and ROI through limiting waste and healthcare expenditures, mitigating the risk of complications, increasing revenue potential, and improving patient outcomes.

Browse Solution Suites

All our solutions include the power of the Waya® Platform.

Lower reliance on sedative drugs, improve procedure turnaround time and experience

Enhance quality and patient experience with an on-demand, bedside solution

Multi-modal snapshot of an individual’s functional status to hone-in on specific issues

Improve patient discomfort and stress while under your care during their hospital stay

Save time and resources while helping children get through medical procedures

Overcome barriers to rehab with personalized, remote or in-person physical therapy

Streamline the post-op education process and address patient discomfort

Proactively address quality of life issues at nursing, rehab, and assisted living facilities