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Care Experience

A patient's experience not only impacts their medical condition, but also effects their level of engagement, caregiver time, crucial quality metrics, and their propensity to make positive recommendations.

Our hospital-based VR Care Experience harnesses the profound effects of perception to enhance patient experience and take quality improvement initiatives to the next level.

This versatile suite can be utilized throughout the hospital including medical inpatient units, surgical units, and palliative care.

Quantifiable Results

Self-reported patient data using Waya® VR in general inpatient and post-operative settings

Of patients reported reduction of their discomfort

Of patients reported reduction of their stress

Of patients reported enjoying their experience

Of patients would recommend it to their peers

Charles George VA Medical Center, July 2018 - April 2020

Accelerate QI initiatives and enhance patient experience with immersive VR experiences.

  HIPPA complaint system without the need for PHI

  Custom patient assessments to capture QI metrics

  Multiple unique VR experiences to provide activity and engagement

  Evidence-based interventions like mindfulness exercises and art therapy

  Incorporate disease specific education