Health Provider Solutions

Virtual and augmented reality for patient-centered objectives.

Our dedicated virtual reality platform built for the healthcare environment.

Inpatient  |  Outpatient  |  Pre/Post-Op  |  Palliative Care  |  Podiatry  |  Dentistry

Quality Improvement

Provide your patients with an improved experience while under your care through a safe and controlled medium.

Our platform allows patients to engage in positive experiences to help them relax, distract, be active and learn.

Platform Features

Clinician Developed

Board-certified physicians who understand patient and provider challenges

Secure System

No protected health information or network connection required

Custom Assessments

Gather patient quality information for continuous improvements

Clinical Indications

With over 20+ years of research in clinical settings, virtual and augmented reality demonstrates the potential to be an impactful diagnostic and therapeutic medium.