Virtual Reality for Healthcare | 


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Virtual Reality Innovation

for Patient Centered Care

Waya® Health harnesses the deep knowledge and expertise of our board-certified physicians to advance a new reality for patient care.
Our healthcare tools provide an innovative approach that can enhance quality of care, lower costs, and increase revenue.
The Waya® virtual reality platform is widely adaptable and easy to use. It means less discomfort, less anxiety, and less stress for your patients - improving safety and productivity.

Patient Benefits. Provider Value.

Wide range of clinical uses in a single unified platform. Increase staff efficiency and improve patient experience.

Lower drug reliance, improve turnaround time and patient satisfaction

Improve patient (and parent) discomfort and stress while under your care

Lower opioid reliance, jump-start rehab, and deliver post-op education

Improve resident quality of life at nursing, rehab, and assisted living facilities