Bridging the Gap Between Fitness and Healthcare, Waya Health Partners with VRWorkout

The collaboration will create a seamless and personalized journey toward optimal well-being via spatial computing

Press Release | August 03, 2023

Waya Health, a leading virtual reality (VR) healthcare company, announced today a partnership with VRWorkout, a virtual reality workout company. VRWorkout is known for its outstanding exercise experience and being the highest intensity workout in VR, while Waya Health is renowned for clinical grade VR healthcare infrastructure, which includes a feature-rich, device-agnostic platform coupled with robust content libraries and applications. Realizing the crucial relationship between fitness and healthcare, the companies will harness the power of cutting-edge technology to enhance wellness and improve clinical outcomes.

VRWorkout’s content will now be available on the Waya Health Platform, meaning Waya Health customers and providers can now access a robust library of exercise content for their patients. Patients using the exercise content can have data collected and reported back to their healthcare provider, enabling better tracking and progress in order to update treatment plans. Individuals will now have the peace of mind knowing that their fitness journey is backed by their own healthcare professionals, ensuring a holistic, guided, and data-driven approach to their care regimens.

“Physical activity is inextricably linked to overall health, and having VRWorkout content available to our customers and their patients will be a game changer for so many,” shared Joe Morgan MD, Waya Health President. “This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our collective mission to make healthcare more accessible, proactive, and personalized. We’re thrilled to have a partner in VRWorkout and looking forward to seeing what this next chapter brings.”

“Waya Health is not only a disruptive force in the healthcare industry, but also has broad VR technical capabilities, making them a great partner for us,” shared Alex Azzi, CEO of VRWorkout. “We believe that combining our proven VR fitness expertise and content with Waya Health’s platform and software is the next revolutionizing move for health and wellness.”

Looking forward, the companies anticipate creating specific applications to help impact patients’ lives throughout the spectrum of health and wellness.

About Waya Health

Waya Health was founded by clinicians who are leveraging technology to improve the lives of patients, colleagues, and what is possible in healthcare. As a healthcare company first, we are committed to creating better patient outcomes, whether that is less pain, reduced anxiety, a speedier recovery or reducing the need for drugs. The Waya Health Platform is a unified virtual reality platform that allows this technology to be deployed in the most sensible, cost-effective, and versatile way. We constantly strive to add new capabilities as the potential of this technology is discovered, tested and proven. Our values are in line with the patients, doctors, and the medical support staff we empower with our leading-edge technological tools. We are clinicians harnessing the power of technology. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.

About VRWorkout

VRWorkout is a pioneering force in virtual reality fitness and is on a mission to enable happier, healthier, and longer lives. VRWorkout transforms workout routines into interactive gaming experiences with an innovative blend of high-intensity exercises. Our platform offers multiplayer, controller-free VR workouts that can be customized to suit all fitness levels, making fitness both fun and accessible. VRWorkout is at the forefront of the intersection between technology, fitness, and AI.

For more information, visit our website at or follow us on our social media channels at Instagram: vrworkoutofficial; LinkedIn: vrworkout; TikTok: vrworkoutofficial