Waya Health Introduces Immersive Solution to Give Patients Comfort & Relaxation During Medical Procedures

The groundbreaking immersive tech allows for improvements in efficiency while reducing reliance on opioids and sedatives during medical or surgical procedures.

Press Release | October 11, 2023

Waya Health is thrilled to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking Procedural application, a cutting-edge solution leveraging immersive technology to elevate patient comfort during medical or surgical procedures. After two years of meticulous development and extensive clinical testing, from carpal tunnel releases to toe amputations, the Waya® Procedural application is set to transform the way providers ensure patient relaxation and comfort.

According to Dr. Joe Morgan, a physician anesthesiologist and President of Waya Health, “Waya® Procedural is a non-pharmacological solution that not only offers an alternative to opioids and sedatives, but also enhances healthcare facilities’ ability to optimize procedural efficiency and achieve improvements in surgical throughput.”

The clear benefits of using the Waya® Procedural application include:

  • Improving patient stress, anxiety, and comfort during medical or surgical procedures
  • Reducing reliance on sedative and opioid medications
  • Smoother recovery time for patients
  • A clear pathway for optimized O.R. usage and improved procedural throughput
  • Multi-setting use, including hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers
  • Proprietary technology to limit patient movement during medical or surgical procedures

Waya Health reaffirms its commitment to empowering patients and providers with the official launch of Waya® Procedural – a pioneering immersive technology that offers a safer, more patient-centric approach for comfort and relaxation during medical or surgical procedures.