Waya Health Empowers Patients and Professionals with Release of its Immersive, On-demand Fall Assessment Application

This forward-thinking solution allows professionals to provide standardized and personalized fall assessments while saving valuable time and resources.

Press Release | October 25, 2023

Waya® Health is thrilled to introduce its groundbreaking Waya® Fall Assessment application. Falls and the subsequent injuries exact a substantial toll on patients and families, and evaluating the myriad risk factors contributing to falls has imposed a heavy burden on time and resources for providers and healthcare institutions. Enter Waya® Fall Assessment, a cutting-edge, on-demand, and standardized immersive solution, effectively addressing these complex challenges.

“With our healthcare system already so stretched, Waya® Fall Assessment provides a comprehensive tool that provides a truly personalized assessment while saving valuable time and resources like never before” states Dr. Rahul Patel, co-founder of Waya® Health. The application tests multiple domains correlated to fall risk such as vision, cognition, and movement in a single session that can be performed autonomously by the patient in less than 15 minutes. The end result is a comprehensive report containing actionable information for all of the different components that may predispose someone to a fall event.

Key features and benefits of Waya® Fall Assessment include:

  • A versatile and portable system designed for seamless use in a wide array of healthcare environments, including inpatient, outpatient, facility-based, and home settings
  • HIPAA complaint and encrypted system without the need for PHI
  • Output reports are both instantly available and on-demand to providers; and may also serve as documentation for completing mandatory fall risk assessments needed to maintain compliance
  • Automated, objective, and standardized testing eliminates discrepancies that can occur when different people administer tests, while saving staff time and enabling personnel to complete other clinical tasks
  • Personalized patient assessments can help providers identify patients that may be at risk for a fall, identify patient deterioration over time, or follow up on the efficacy of various interventions

In line with the company’s mission, Waya® Fall Assessment leverages immersive technologies to advance the quality of care in a way that benefits both patients and the professionals caring for them.

About Waya Health:
Waya Health was founded by clinicians who are leveraging technology to improve the lives of patients, colleagues, and what is possible in healthcare. As a healthcare company first, we are committed to creating better patient outcomes, whether that is less pain, reduced anxiety, a speedier recovery or reducing the need for drugs. The Waya platform is a unified virtual reality platform that allows this technology to be deployed in the most sensible, cost-effective, and versatile way. We constantly strive to add new capabilities as the potential of this technology is discovered, tested and proven. Our values are in line with the patients, doctors, and the medical support staff we empower with our leading-edge technological tools. We are clinicians harnessing the power of technology.

This product is not intended for the treatment, management, or diagnosis of any medical conditions. Please consult with your medical provider before using or offering Waya® Fall Assessment application.