We develop virtual, augmented, and extended reality technologies to tackle health care's biggest challenges.

Wellovate was founded by a group of clinicians who are redefining how we provide care. Our first-hand experience gives us an intimate understanding of the challenges that patients, caregivers, and medical providers face on a daily basis. From the opioid epidemic to basic rehab, traditional medical modalities are often inefficient, inadequate, and expensive. Immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) offer innovative ways to overcome these challenges. At Wellovate, we are passionate about developing this potential as an entirely new paradigm for therapeutics, diagnostics, and care delivery.

Our Team

Joseph Morgan MD

Rahul Patel MD
Vice President
Emergency Medicine

Nunzio Pagano DO
Clinical Director
Internal Medicine

Leon Huddleston MD, JD
Legal Director
Physical Medicine & Rehab

Allen Rufolo
Technology Director

Tim DeMint MBA
Business Development

Carl Grey MD
Geriatrics & Palliative Care

Vijay Mittal MD

Andrew Moczula MD
Emergency Medicine

Dolly Skeete MD
Orthopedic & Hand Surgery