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Adult Procedures

Medical procedures can be incredibly stressful, creating a difficult situation for everyone involved. Pain and anxiety can increase disposition times, lower facility throughput, consume staff resources, and even lead to increased usage of sedative drugs.

Our VR Procedural use case provides a non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution to address these concerns and to mitigate the risk of complications. The suite's immersive experiences provide patients with positive distraction, relaxation, and education before and during their medical or surgical procedure.

Improve patient experience while addressing pain and anxiety

Decrease reliance on opioid and anxiolytic medications

Integrate standardized patient education and discharge instructions

HIPPA compliant system that runs without the need of any PHI

Can be effortlessly implemented in multiple patient positions

Time or cycle patient experience(s) based on procedure duration

Sample Procedure List

Our VR Procedural use case can be used for many procedures that do not require general anesthesia or involve the head region.


  Burn & Wound Care

  Carpal Tunnel Release

  Cervical Biopsy


  Incision & Drainages

   Infusion & Dialysis

  IUD Placements

  IVs & PICC Lines

   Joint Injections

  Labor & Delivery Anxiety


   Laser Hair Removal

   Minor Fractures & Dislocations

   Nail Removal


  Peripheral Debridement

   Plantar Fascial Release

   Pre-Operative Anxiety

  Skin Biopsy

   Trigger Finger Release

   Urinary Catheter Placement

   Varicose Vein Treatment


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