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Senior Vitality

Perception and sense of reality have a profound effect on our everyday lives and physiology. Residents of long-term care facilities often struggle with feelings of confinement, lack of engagement, and solitude. These issues not only effect their well-being but also the community and culture of the facility.

Our VR Senior Vitality addresses these important issues to proactively improve quality of life and care experience. This versatile suite is ideal for skilled nursing, assisted living, and post-acute rehabilitation facilities.

Engage residents with an on demand, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution

Improve stress and mood through positive, self-guided experiences

Provide both mental and physical activity through a single, multi-use system

Integrate questionnaires to capture resident feedback and quality metrics


Bring new vitality to your residents, your facility, your community.

  Non-pharmacological, Non-invasive

  Customize for your patient population and care brand

  Incorporate evidence-based interventions

  Provide standardized educational and facility information

  All experiences can be performed in a secure, seated position